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Skid for Ace Roto-Mold 2350-4250 Gallon Leg Tank w/o sump

Skid for Ace Roto-Mold 2350, 2750, 3250 or 4250 Gallon Leg Tank w/o sump
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Additional Information

Store ID X8794725
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # FS2350/3250-SK
Manufacturer Ace Roto-Mold
Technical Drawing Ace Roto-Mold FS2350/3250-SK Drawing
Dimensions 141" Length x 88" Width x 8.25" Height
Physical Features
Weight (lbs) 1078
Color Black
Material Painted Steel
Product Type Tank Skid
Designed For Tanks FS2350-88 , FS2750-88 , FS3250-88 , FS4250-88
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Iowa
Shipping Zip Codes 51238
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