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1 HP Even Mix Electric Geared IBC Tote Mixer

1 HP Even Mix™ Electric Geared IBC Tote Mixer 1 HP Even Mix™ Electric Geared IBC Tote Mixer 1 HP Even Mix™ Electric Geared IBC Tote Mixer 1 HP Even Mix™ Electric Geared IBC Tote Mixer
1 HP Even Mix™ Electric Geared IBC Tote Mixer
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15" Folding Mixing Blade
Tested to 50,000 cps
Mixes in 3D - No Air Intrusion
120V Input
Variable Speed Control up to 168 RPM



Even Mix 1 HP Electric IBC Tote Mixer, part# D-6-32-0-16-04-2-1 is low weight, effective, and reliable.

With the Even Mix™ mixed flow blade utilized as a part of the tote mixer’s design, you’ll see liquids undergo vertical mixing like they never have before. Because of the patented technology used for the IBC tote mixer, the contents of the intermediate bulk container will be evenly mixed. Our mixed flow blade has been designed for mixing everything from food to chemicals and it reflects NASA based engineering for optimum performance while mixing.

The Even Mix™ Electric IBC mixer spins at at 168-RPM maximum, but the speed is variable and easily controlled. For the operator of this IBC tote mixer, the motor can be moved easily from tote to tote or the operator can use several Even Mix™ tote mixers with a single motor.

Our IBC tote mixer not only has easy handling for the operator, but it features easy installation for rookies. The whole tote mixer unit weighs only twelve pounds, and can be installed in an intermediate bulk container within seconds. All that is required of the operator is to simply insert the blade and screw in the attached lid of the IBC. Plus, our IBC tote mixer is easily inserted in a six-inch opening of an intermediate bulk container - so even the smallest of openings can use our newest mixing product. There is no extra hardware required with the Even Mix™ tote mixer.

The Even Mix™ IBC Tote Mixer has been tested up to 50,000 cps. It’s mixed Corn Gluten that had settled for about a year - a sludge the consistency of peanut butter was mixed throughout a large IBC in about 3 minutes.

As this is the industry’s only mixed flow blade, whatever liquids require vertical mixing, you’ll have a blade that can fold into open and closed positions for optimum levels of mixing. We proudly manufacture all of our mixing pieces - including the mixed flow blade and the air motor - in the United States. Even Mix backs their IBC tote mixer with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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Additional Information

Store ID X6073637
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # D-6-32-0-16-04-2-1
Former MPN's E6320160421
Manufacturer Even Mix
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brochure Evenmix D-6-32-0-16-04-2-1 Spec Sheet
Product Manual Evenmix D-6-32-0-16-04-2-1 Manual
Physical Features
Weight (lbs) 12
Dimensions 48" Length x 8" Width x 8" Height
Material 316 SS
Product Type IBC Tote Mixer
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Ohio
Shipping Zip Codes 44028
Liftgate Option Yes
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