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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Transfer Tanks

About Portable DEF Tanks

DEF tanks are diesel exhaust fluid containment and transport tanks. National Tank Outlet offers portable DEF Urea compatible tote transfer systems in various capacities and voltages. All DEF tanks are ISO 22241-3 compliant for diesel exhaust fluid storage. They are made of quality high density polyethylene to provide fluid resistance, stability and minimalize DEF crystallization concerns with evaporation and associated pump cavitation. Poly DEF tanks are made from FDA approved food grade resin, are NSF 61 approved, and contain UV inhibitors to protect tank and contents against sunlight damage. These diesel exhaust fluid tanks are heavily utilized in the agriculture, industrial and transport industries. Compact, lightweight DEF tank pumping systems are available in 25 gallon to 100 gallon capacities. These freestanding tanks are often used from the beds of trucks, trailers, ATVs, or UTVs. They come with stainless steel pumps, valves, and fittings. Nozzles have an automatic shut off feature. The pumping compartment is completely enclosed and can be securely locked. These smaller DEF tanks have integrated handles for lifting, a 20’ hose, a 3/4’’ fill point, and a vane pump type.

DEF easy caddy top suction systems are available in 135 gallon capacities and in 12 volt, 110 volt DC motor models. These DEF tank styles feature high flow pumps of 10GPM maximums and the totes are available with either EPDM or Viton® material gaskets and fittings. Features include a 3.25’’ by 20’ discharge hose, 6’’ dual bung vent lid, and either a manual or automatic shut off nozzle. They are designed with cross directional 4-way pallet, forklift channels to provide maneuverability.

National Tank Outlet offers DEF transfer system IBC tote tanks in 275 gallon to 330 gallon capacities and 12 volt, 120 volt styles. DEF IBCs are made of seamless polyethylene within a stainless steel frame to provide the upmost durability against impact and damage. These DEF IBC tanks are UN / DOT certified and 31HA1/Y rated. They are equipped with a 20’ delivery hose, 4’ suction hose, 6’’ threaded vented fill port, and 2’’ discharge valves. NTO DEF IBC totes have automatic 9GPM maximum stainless steel nozzles powered by a 1700 RPM pump motor that features a 6.5 minute auto shut off. They provide a superior suction lift with an internal bypass that protects the pump against over pressurization to provide continuous operation. These tanks also have cross directional 4-way pallet, forklift channels provided for transport.

Three to five year manufacturer warranties are offered for some DEF tanks. Contact us about DEF tank modification options or for any further question concerning DEF tank transfer systems. All systems are shipped fully assembled.

DEF Transfer Tanks

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