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Plastic Double Wall Tanks

Buy poly double wall tanks at the lowest prices online and save.

about dual wall tanks

strong>Double wall tanks (dual wall tanks, double containment tanks, double walled tanks, captor tanks, day tanks) are constructed with a primary inner tank and secondary containment tank. This tank in a tank assembly provides secure containment of chemicals, waste, and other liquids. Tanks are constructed using either high density polyethylene (HDPE) or cross-link polyethylene (XLPE). Both of these resins offer different levels of chemical containment depending on their use. HDPE and XLPE double wall tanks are rotationally molded for industrial strength durability and protection from environmental contamination. UV inhibitors are added to the resin for added protection against direct sunlight. These features make plastic double wall tanks ideal for indoor or outdoor storage. Each tank is manufactured with FDA approved resin that complies with FDA standards 21 CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for the storage of potable water. Snyder captor tanks are constructed to meet ASTM D1998 - 06 standards for poly upright storage tanks.

Double wall storage tanks were designed for commercial and industrial use. They are commonly used for chemical storage in manufacturing facilities, plants, exploration sites, and warehouses. Some of the liquid types used with these tanks include calcium chloride, sodium hydroxide, biodiesel, fertilizer, brine, diesel exhaust fluid, polymer, and urea. Specialty Used Oil Collection Tanks are available in safety yellow for the storage of motor oil. Snyder industries supplies a chemical resistance chart that makes it easy to select the right specifications for a variety of chemicals.

Double containment tanks are customized for their use. All of these tanks come with multiple fitting, manway, and lid options. An assortment of accessories are available for certain sizes, including leak detection sensors, digital display indicators, and OSHA compliant ladders, nozzles, tie downs, and interior down pipes. Heat tracing and insulation are also available for larger tanks.

Sizes start at 15 gallons and extend up to 13,700 gallons. Each dual wall tank comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Tanks are shipped fully assembled to help save on field assembly time. Let's fulfill your liquid storage needs with double from tanks from National Tank Outlet. Contact our sales team and experts for assistance.

Double Wall Tanks

double wall tanks for sale

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NameDiameterHeightS. GravityDimensionsPart#FromPrice
35 Gallon Double Wall Tank22"36"1.922" dia. x 36" H1000112N45AR$ 318
60 Gallon Double Wall Tank26"41"1.926" dia. x 41" H5680012N45AR$ 427
65 Gallon Double Wall Tank28"43"1.728" dia. x 43" HDW0065-28IA, MS$ 338
65 Gallon Double Wall Tank30"48"1.930" dia. x 48" H65VTEID$ 500
110 Gallon Double Wall Tank30"79"1.930" dia. x 79" H110VTEID$ 641
120 Gallon Waste Oil Tank33"51"1.933" dia. x 51" H5700102N95703NE$ 900
120 Gallon Double Wall Tank34"51"1.934" dia. x 51" H5700102N45AR$ 755
120 Gallon Double Wall Tank36"50"1.736" dia. x 50" HDW0120-36IA, MS$ 537
130 Gallon Double Wall Tank36"56"1.936" dia. x 56" H130VTEID$ 650
150 Gallon Double Wall Tank34"62"1.934" dia. x 62" H5710102N45AR$ 875
150 Gallon Waste Oil Tank34"62"1.934" dia. x 62" H5710102N95703AR$ 1,100
150 Gallon Double Wall Tank36"60"1.736" dia. x 60" HDW0150-36IA, MS$ 647
220 Gallon Double Wall Tank48"64"1.948" dia. x 64" H220VTEID$ 875
275 Gallon Double Wall Tank47"63"1.947" dia. x 63" H5740102N45NE$ 1,284
275 Gallon Waste Oil Tank47"63"1.947" dia. x 63" H5740102N95703NE$ 1,500
300 Gallon Double Wall Tank57"45"1.757" dia. x 45" HDW0300-57IA, MS$ 934
300 Gallon Waste Oil Tank57"45"1.957" dia. x 45" HODW0300MS$ 1,400
310 Gallon Double Wall Tank48"104"1.948" dia. x 104" H310VTEID$ 1,291
330 Gallon Double Wall Tank60"51"1.960" dia. x 51" H330VTEID$ 1,100
360 Gallon Double Wall Tank53"63"1.953" dia. x 63" H5760102N45NE$ 1,581
360 Gallon Waste Oil Tank53"63"1.953" dia. x 63" H5760102N95703NE$ 1,800
500 Gallon Double Wall Tank57"69"1.757" dia. x 69" HDW0500-57IA, MS$ 1,169
500 Gallon Waste Oil Tank57"69"1.957" dia. x 69" HODW0500MS$ 2,000
500 Gallon Double Wall Tank53"81"1.953" dia. x 81" H5780102N45NE$ 1,881
500 Gallon Waste Oil Tank53"81"1.953" dia. x 81" H5780102N95703NE$ 2,100
525 Gallon Double Wall Tank72"66"1.972" dia. x 66" H525VTEID$ 1,500
550 Gallon Double Wall Tank76"65"1.976" dia. x 65" H5040000N45NE$ 2,962
550 Gallon Double Wall Tank60"94"1.960" dia. x 94" H550VTEID$ 1,546
1000 Gallon Double Wall Tank77"82"1.777" dia. x 82" HDW1000-77IA$ 1,959
1000 Gallon Double Wall Tank90"72"1.990" dia. x 72" H1000VTEID$ 2,200
1100 Gallon Double Wall Tank76"104"1.976" dia. x 104" H5470000N45NE$ 3,473
1100 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"56"1.9102" dia. x 56" H1100VTEID$ 2,534
1500 Gallon Double Wall Tank77"119"1.777" dia. x 119" HDW1500-77IA$ 2,516
1550 Gallon Double Wall Tank76"136"1.976" dia. x 136" H5490000N45NE$ 4,177
2000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"103"1.9102" dia. x 103" H5570000N45NE, WV$ 5,761
2000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"97"1.7102" dia. x 97" HDW2000-102IA$ 3,500
2000 Gallon Double Wall Tank96"92"1.996" dia. x 92" H2000VTEID$ 4,600
2500 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"122"1.9102" dia. x 122" H5580000N45NE, WV$ 6,657
2500 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"119"1.7102" dia. x 119" HDW2500-102IA$ 4,000
3000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"142"1.5102" dia. x 142" H5590000N43NE, WV$ 7,501
3000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"142"1.9102" dia. x 142" H5590000N45NE, WV$ 8,953
3500 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"158"1.5102" dia. x 158" H5600000N43NE, WV$ 9,258
3500 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"158"1.9102" dia. x 158" H5600000N45NE, WV$ 10,512
4000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"178"1.5102" dia. x 178" H5610000N43NE, WV$ 11,134
4000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"178"1.9102" dia. x 178" H5610000N45NE, WV$ 12,622
4500 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"197"1.5102" dia. x 197" H5620000N43NE$ 13,109
4500 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"197"1.9102" dia. x 197" H5620000N45NE$ 14,771
5000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"216"1.5102" dia. x 216" H5630000N43NE$ 15,612
5000 Gallon Double Wall Tank102"216"1.9102" dia. x 216" H5630000N45NE$ 17,511
5500 Gallon Double Wall Tank120"172"1.5120" dia. x 172" H5660000N43NE$ 13,781
5500 Gallon Double Wall Tank120"172"1.9120" dia. x 172" H5660000N45NE$ 15,612
6500 Gallon Double Wall Tank120"199"1.5120" dia. x 199" H5670000N43NE$ 17,502
6500 Gallon Double Wall Tank120"199"1.9120" dia. x 199" H5670000N45NE$ 19,393
8700 Gallon Double Wall Tank142"197"1.5142" dia. x 197" H1006400N43NE$ 19,452
8700 Gallon Double Wall Tank142"197"1.9142" dia. x 197" H1006400N45NE$ 22,865
10000 Gallon Double Wall Tank142"226"1.5142" dia. x 226" H1006600N43NE$ 27,611
10000 Gallon Double Wall Tank142"226"1.9142" dia. x 226" H1006600N45NE$ 32,808
12500 Gallon Double Wall Tank142"274"1.5142" dia. x 274" H1031100N43NE$ 38,482
12500 Gallon Double Wall Tank142"274"1.9142" dia. x 274" H1031100N45NE$ 42,087
13700 Gallon Double Wall Tank142"303"1.2142" dia. x 303" H1031300N39NE$ 37,798

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