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Bushman Water Tanks

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about bushman poly tanks

Bushman produces a variety of water storage tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks. These tanks are designed to be used above ground to collect and store water. Round and slimline versions are available in capacities ranging from 130 gallons up to 5,050 gallons. There are multiple colors to choose from such as Green, Black, Mocha, and Brick Red.

Bushman tanks are rotationally molded from polyethylene with UV stabilizers. This additive protects the tank from sun degradation, so it can be kept in a yard or elsewhere without worry. Their design features a ribbed body that increases tank strength, performance, longevity, and durability. A stainless steel mesh covers rainwater harvesting tank inlets and overflows, which keeps insects and other pests from entering the tank.

Every tank is equipped with at least a 1” NPT outlet near its base. The tanks also come with the fittings necessary to link them in series so excess water in the primary tank can be funneled to subsequent tanks with ease. This feature also allows multiple small tanks to be linked together and hidden behind landscaping or fencing while still achieving any desired water storage capacity.

Installing a Bushman tank is an ideal DIY weekend project since installation instructions are provided with every tank. These tanks are perfect for residential use, but they are equally at home in commercial and industrial settings. Bushman’s tanks do come with a warranty, but damage from frozen water isn’t covered, so users are encouraged to drain their tanks in preparation for freezing temperatures.

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