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Above Ground Septic Holding Tanks

Above ground septic tanks are also referred to as septic holding tanks, job trailer waste tanks, job trailer septic tanks, job shack tanks, waste tanks, trailer waste tanks, camper septic tanks, cottage septic tanks, and motorhome septic tanks. Septic tanks are not FDA-approved to contain or transport potable water, and should not be used for this purpose. Their primary function is to contain human waste, sewage, and black water.

These septic tanks are designed for use in mobile or raised structures such as those found in industrial, construction, and camping sites. The tanks often serve as the sole septic receptacle for recreational vehicles, motor homes, cottages, campers, job trailers, and job shacks. Their flat, rectangular, low-profile shape makes them ideal for sitting beneath these structures. They are commonly used as portable black water tanks.

Above ground septic tanks are manufactured by National Tank Outlet and Ace Roto-Mold. High-density virgin polyethylene resin is rotationally molded to create these plastic waste tanks. Rotational molding produces tanks that are seamless, resistant to impact, and durable. The addition of UV inhibitors during production protects the tank from sun degradation, so it can be kept indoors or outdoors. These plastic sewage tanks are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. These beneficial attributes promote a long, useful lifespan for the tanks.

Since these septic tanks are made from plastic, they are lightweight. They do not require special equipment to transport, and they can be carried into place by two people. They are also free-standing and self-supporting.

Above ground septic tanks are available in sizes ranging from 250 gallons up to 440 gallons. These holding tanks are designed to accept rubber couplers and clamps with recessed ports to accommodate various plumbing configurations. They are opaque and come in colors of black or gray. There are septic tanks available that come with a lid or pre-installed ports. Additional connections, openings, and lids may be added to the tanks if desired. Every septic tank is also covered by a manufacturer's three-year warranty.

Above Ground Septic Tanks

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