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PCO Tanks

PCO Tanks are multi-purpose portable tanks primarily used for lawn care, agriculture, industrial, nursery, and pressure washer systems. They are commonly referred to as pest control operator tanks, utility tanks, pressure washer tanks, and sprayer tanks. PCO tanks are used for the transportation or storage of liquids and non-DOT regulated transport applications. The most common liquids used with these tanks are water, chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides.

These plastic tanks are constructed with a seamless design that makes them durable and resistant to impacts, chips, and cracks. PCO tanks are manufactured from food grade FDA approved virgin polyethylene resin that complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for the storage of potable water. UV Inhibitors protect the utility tank from direct sunlight in both indoor and outdoor environments. They are designed with a rounded bottom for optimal fluid drainage.

PCO tanks range from 30 to 300 gallons with a 1.5 or 1.7 specific gravity rating. Tanks are translucent with gallon indicators for easily gauging liquid levels. Ace Roto-Mold tanks have sump options and come in white, black, and yellow colors. Optional bands are available for securing PCO tanks during transportation. Norwesco pco tanks have flats on both sides for custom fitting and agitation connections. All poly PCO tanks come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

PCO Tanks

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NameLengthWidthHeightS. GravityPart#DimensionsShips FromPrice
30 Gallon PCO Tank25"19"23"1.525" L x 19" W x 23" H41254CA, GA, IA, MN, NY, OH, OK, TX, UT, WA$ 114
35 Gallon PCO Tank35"16"21"1.735" L x 16" W x 21" HPCO035-16WIA$ 107
50 Gallon PCO Tank38"19"22"1.538" L x 19" W x 22" H40664CA, GA, IA, MN, NY, OH, OK, TX, UT, WA$ 118
50 Gallon PCO Tank w/ Sump38"19"23"1.738" L x 19" W x 23" HPCO050-19SIA$ 124
50 Gallon PCO Tank38"19"23"1.738" L x 19" W x 23" HPCO050-19WIA$ 124
50 Gallon Ribbed PCO Tank38"19"23"1.538" L x 19" W x 23" H42834GA$ 118
100 Gallon PCO Tank38"30"28"1.538" L x 30" W x 28" H40668CA, GA, IA, MN, NY, OH, OK, TX, UT, WA$ 178
100 Gallon PCO Tank w/ Sump38"30"29"1.738" L x 30" W x 29" HPCO100-30SIA$ 188
100 Gallon PCO Tank38"30"29"1.738" L x 30" W x 29" HPCO100-30WIA$ 188
100 Gallon Ribbed PCO Tank38"30"30"1.538" L x 30" W x 30" H42835GA, MS$ 178
150 Gallon PCO Tank48"36"28"1.548" L x 36" W x 28" H40669CA, GA, IA, MN, NY, OH, OK, TX, UT, WA$ 224
150 Gallon PCO Tank w/ Sump48"37"29"1.748" L x 37" W x 29" HPCO150-37SIA$ 224
150 Gallon PCO Tank48"37"29"1.748" L x 37" W x 29" HPCO150-37WIA$ 224
150 Gallon Ribbed PCO Tank48"37"29"1.548" L x 37" W x 29" H42836GA, MS$ 224
200 Gallon PCO Tank48"36"37"1.548" L x 36" W x 37" H41413CA, GA, IA, MN, NY, OH, OK, TX, UT, WA$ 277
200 Gallon PCO Tank w/ Sump48"37"38"1.748" L x 37" W x 38" HPCO200-37SIA$ 288
200 Gallon PCO Tank48"37"38"1.748" L x 37" W x 38" HPCO200-37WIA$ 288
200 Gallon Ribbed PCO Tank48"37"37"1.548" L x 37" W x 37" H42837GA, MS$ 277
300 Gallon PCO Tank69"36"37"1.569" L x 36" W x 37" H41381CA, GA, IA, MN, NY, OH, OK, TX, UT, WA$ 536
300 Gallon Baffled PCO Tank w/ Sump69"37"40"1.769" L x 37" W x 40" HPCO300-37SIA$ 615
300 Gallon Baffled PCO Tank69"37"40"1.769" L x 37" W x 40" HPCO300-37WIA$ 615

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