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Low Profile Transport Tanks

about plastic low profile tanks

Low profile transport tanks are also referred to as plastic portable tanks, flat transport tanks, low profile storage tanks, and pickup truck bed tanks. They are often used in the agricultural and industrial sectors for storing and transporting liquid. These tanks can be used to store chemicals, fertilizer, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and water.

Because these low profile tanks are designed to have a short stature, they are ideal for placement in crawl spaces and other height restricted areas. Plastic Low profile tanks are made with flat bottoms so they can sit directly on the ground or a stand without additional structural support to keep them upright. They are easily transported from site to site by trucks or trailers. These lightweight tanks are easy to move in and out of place.

Low profile storage tanks are manufactured by Norwesco and Ace Roto-Mold. These portable tanks are rotationally molded from high-density virgin polyethylene resin. The tanks are impact resistant thanks to their seamless bodies and low profile design. Polyethylene naturally resists rust and corrosion, and the addition of UV inhibitors during the tank’s production prevent sun degradation. Because these tanks can withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, they can be used indoors or outdoors year round without worry.

Poly low profile storage tanks are available in colors of opaque black, transparent white, or yellow. The white and black tanks are FDA Approved to store and transport potable water. Gallon indicator markings are a standard feature on the low profile tanks from Ace Roto-Mold that provide convenient liquid viewing levels. Tie down bands are also available as an optional accessory with Ace Roto-Mold tanks. These bands provide additional stability to the tank during transport

These plastic tanks come in a variety of dimensions and capacities ranging from 50 gallons up to 2500 gallons. National Tank Outlet offers custom low profile tank fabrication for clients seeking capacities or dimensions not already readily available. Every low profile tank comes with a lid, a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, and an outlet fitting installed. Additional outlets may be added by request.

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