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Open Top Tanks

about plastic open top tanks

Open top tanks are also known as dipping tanks, chroming tanks, batch tanks, and mixing tanks. These plastic tanks are commonly used in industrial settings as secondary containers for vertical tanks and for liquid storage. Open top tanks also serve as holding tanks for mixing chemicals and dipping materials into for chemical plating. These cylindrical and rectangular polyethylene tanks are FDA approved to store potable water or food products. They can also safely hold most chemicals.

Chemtainer, Ronco, and Ace Roto-Mold manufacture these open top tanks by rotationally molding high-density virgin polyethylene resin. Rotationally molding produces seamless, lightweight plastic tanks that are sturdy and resistant to impact. The tank’s lack of weak points combined with polyethylene’s chemical composition imbue the tanks with high durability. This trait is necessary for the tank to withstand and store chemicals such as acids and caustics. The addition of UV inhibitors during production provides these tanks with protection from sun degradation, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are able to endure a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions as well.

These open top tanks have flat bottoms and are self- supporting. They are designed to remain stationary on the ground or on a flat stand. Gallon indicator markings are a standard tank feature that allows for convenient and easy level viewing. Transparent tanks are available along with opaque colors of white or black.

Cylindrical and rectangular open top tanks are available in a wide range of dimensions and sizes. They come in capacities as small as 3 gallons to as large as 6800 gallons. Chemtainer, Ronco, and Ace Roto-Mold offer stands and shoebox lids for their round and rectangle tanks as optional accessories. National Tank Outlet will add bulkhead fittings, welded couplings, and welded flanges when requested. Every poly open top tank is covered by a 3- year manufacturer's warranty. We can fabricate and customize open top tanks for any use.

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