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Elliptical Leg Tanks

Our plastic elliptical leg tank is designed to provide the greatest capacity with the lowest center of gravity, making it the best design available for transporting larger volumes. Our plastic elliptical leg tanks feature molded-in legs and flow-through baffles which work together to reduce sloshing and provide increased stability during transport. All of our plastic elliptical leg tanks require support bands, which we offer. Most of our elliptical leg tanks are available in premium and heavy duty weights. All plastic elliptical leg tanks are available with a drain fitting. Our horizontal leg tanks are the best tanks out there used for hauling on a trailer.

Common uses: Water, Fertilizer, Industrial and Agricultural Chemicals

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NameLengthWidthHeightS. GravityPart#DimensionsShips FromPrice
135 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank56"36"26"1.556" L x 36" W x 26" H44804CA, IA, OH, OK$ 240
235 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank66"40"32"1.566" L x 40" W x 32" H44806CA, IA, OH, OK$ 350
335 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank71"48"33"1.571" L x 48" W x 33" H42339CA, OH, OK$ 417
510 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank80"57"39"1.780" L x 57" W x 39" HFS0510-57IA$ 566
535 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank80"57"39"1.580" L x 57" W x 39" H42353CA, IA, OH, OK$ 566
1035 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank89"79"54"1.589" L x 79" W x 54" H40191MN, MS, OH, UT$ 974
1035 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank90"78"52"1.790" L x 78" W x 52" HFS1035-78IA, MS$ 970
1235 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank128"66"53"1.5128" L x 66" W x 53" H40239MN$ 1,412
1335 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank126"66"55"1.5126" L x 66" W x 55" H42927MN, OH$ 1,442
1600 Gallon Flat Bottom Elliptical Leg Tank126"80"53"1.5126" L x 80" W x 53" H43143MN$ 1,800
1610 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank139"78"56"1.7139" L x 78" W x 56" HFS1610-78IA$ 1,977
1635 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank142"71"58"1.5142" L x 71" W x 58" H40387CA, GA, MN, OH, OK, TX, UT$ 1,816
1850 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank139"78"63"1.7139" L x 78" W x 63" HFS1850-78IA$ 2,062
2035 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank142"84"56"1.5142" L x 84" W x 56" H40618CA, GA, MN, OH, OK, TX, UT$ 2,187
2350 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank146"88"63"1.7146" L x 88" W x 63" HFS2350-88IA$ 3,011
2635 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank140"90"72"1.5140" L x 90" W x 72" H40751MS$ 2,843
2635 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank140"90"72"1.5140" L x 90" W x 72" H40547GA, MN, OH, TX, UT$ 3,159
2750 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank146"88"70"1.7146" L x 88" W x 70" HFS2750-88IA$ 3,652
3135 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank150"88"80"1.5150" L x 88" W x 80" H40686GA, MN, OH, OK, TX, UT$ 3,507
3250 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank146"88"79"1.7146" L x 88" W x 79" HFS3250-88IA, MS$ 3,830
3250 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank152"88"81"1.5152" L x 88" W x 81" H44597MN, OH, TX$ 4,200
3750 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank146"88"91"1.7146" L x 88" W x 91" HFS3750-88IA$ 4,546
4035 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank192"92"75"1.5192" L x 92" W x 75" H41267CA, MN, OH, TX$ 5,670
4250 Gallon Elliptical Leg Tank146"88"101"1.7146" L x 88" W x 101" HFS4250-88IA$ 5,094

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