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1500 Gallon Snyder Heavy Duty Cone Bottom Tank

also called conical tank, cone tank, fermenter tank, biodiesel tank, brewing tank
1500 Gallon XLPE Heavy Duty Cone Bottom Tank
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Quick Summary
Part# MPN: 5010000N42 / Store ID: X8800149
Dimensions 64" Diameter x 141" Height
Liquid Access 1 Manway / Lid
Weight / Ship Class 315 lbs. / Ship Class 400
Ships From NE
Drawing Snyder 5010000N42 Drawing
Cross-linked, high density polyethylene
1.9 Specific Gravity (15.85 lb / gal)
Stand Sold Seperately
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Additional Information

Store ID X8800149
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # 5010000N42
Manufacturer Snyder
Technical Drawing Snyder 5010000N42 Drawing
Size Info
Capacity (Gallons) 1500
Dimensions 64" Diameter x 141" Height
Height with Stand (inches) 158
Weight (lbs) 315
Liquid Accessibility
Liquid Access 1 Manway / Lid
Manway / Lid 1 18" Threaded Vented Manway
Resin Features
Color Natural White
Material Crosslinked Linear Polyethylene
UV Inhibitors Yes
Max Temp Allowed 140° F / 60° C
Physical Features
Product Type Cone Bottom Tank
Full Drain 99% Drainable
Specific Gravity 1.9
Tank Shape Cylindrical
Tank Usability Stationary
Environment Above Ground
Gallon Indicators No
Cone Angle 45
Pressurized Use No
Tested Chemical Resistance Acetic Acid 60% Concentration, Acrylic Emulsions 50% Concentration, Aluminum Sulfate 50% Concentration, Ammonium Sulfate 40% Concentration, Calcium Carbonate Saturated, Calcium Chloride 40% Concentration, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) 32.5% Concentration, Deionized Water , Deionized Water >5 Megohm, Ethyl Alcohol 100% Concentration, Ethylene Glycol 100% Concentration, Ferric Chloride 50% Concentration, Ferric Sulfate 60% Concentration, Ferrous Chloride Saturated, Ferrous Sulfate 20% Concentration, Hydrofluosilicic Acid 26% Concentration, Isopropyl Alcohol 100% Concentration, Magnesium Chloride 30% Concentration, Methyl Alcohol 100% Concentration, Motor Oil 100% Concentration, Polymers (Deposition), Potassium Carbonate 50% Concentration, Potassium Hydroxide Saturated, Sodium Carbonate 30% Concentration, Sodium Carbonate Saturated, Sodium Hydroxide 50% Concentration, Sodium Thiosulfate 40% Concentration, Surfactants, Urea Solution 50% Concentration, Water w/Ozone up to 10 PPM
ASTM D1998 Yes
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Nebraska
Shipping Zip Codes 68504
Ship Freight Class 400
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