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3" Mozzie Stoppa Hi-Flow Flap Valve

3" Mozzie Stoppa Hi-Flow Flap Valve
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Mosquito and vermin proof
Allow stored water to breathe and stay fresh
1/32" aperture, grade 316 stainless steel mesh



Rain Harvesting Mozzie Stoppa Flap Valve, part# TAFV112 allows a rapid flow of water through a double sealed, self cleaning valve that cannot be over rotated and left open. Vented Flap Valves allow a flow of air over the surface of the water which improves water quality and prevents a vacuum forming when large quantities of water are quickly drawn from the tank/cistern.

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Additional Information

Store ID X3550936
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # TAFV112
Former MPN's TAFV99
Manufacturer Rain Harvesting
Installation Instructions Rain Harvesting TAFV112 Installation Instructions
Physical Features
Weight (lbs) 1
Color Natural White
Product Type Mozzie Stoppa Flap Valve
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Georgia
Shipping Zip Codes 30309
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