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4" Tank Overflow Outlet Kit

4" Tank Overflow Outlet Kit
Images may be inaccurate. See specs table below to ensure accuracy.
Lead free PVC
Low maintenance
Quick and easy installation
Includes adaptor for secure connection to end of 3" or 4" pipes leading to and from the rainwater tank/cistern
Ideal for polypropylene tank/cistern



Rain Harvesting Tank Overflow Outlet Kit, part# TATO123 offers a complete range of Tank Overflow Outlets with Mozzie Stoppa Screens for flat wall and corrugated tanks to insect proof the rainwater tank. The High Level Flanged Tank Overflow Outlets will add almost 5″ of water to the tank before overflowing. Mozzie Stoppa Screen incorporate a 1/32″ aperture stainless steel screen moulded into a male and female PVC fitting and provides a versatile solution to insect proof the tank/cistern.

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Additional Information

Store ID X7964807
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # TATO123
Former MPN's TATO98
Manufacturer Rain Harvesting
Installation Instructions Rain Harvesting TATO123 Installation Instructions
Physical Features
Weight (lbs) 4
Color Natural White
Product Type Tank Overflow
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Texas
Shipping Zip Codes 77084
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