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Aluminum Chlorohydrate Tanks

Buy Aluminum Chlorohydrate storage tanks for sale at the lowest prices online. Aluminum Chlorohydrate is also known as Aluminium Chlorohydroxide and represented Al2Cl(OH)5, Al2ClH7O6. It is a water soluble aluminum complex commonly used in consumer cosmetics, antiperspirants, and hygiene products. Not recommended for contact with metal storage materials. Aluminum Chlorohydrate storage is recommended in polyethylene vertical storage tanks, cone bottom tanks, and double wall tanks with specific gravity 1.5 or greater. Plumbing can be schedule 80 PVC or CPVC. Fittings can be PVC, CPVC, Hastelloy C, Teflon, or rubber. Recommended gasket materials are EPDM or Viton.

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