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Bands for Chem-Tainer 500 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank

also called tie down, hoop, support band
This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. If you need something similar, please contact us or browse our full catalog.
Bands for Chem-Tainer 500 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank
Images may be inaccurate. See specs table below to ensure accuracy.
Secure Chem-Tainer 500 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tanks for transportation
Bands can be used for stationary use to help maintain tank shape
Installation is easy
Price includes 1 individual band. Chem-Tainer bands are sold individually.
2 Support Bands Required for 500 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank.
This Product was Discontinued by the Manufacturer


Bands For Chem-Tainer 500 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tanks, part# TC5674BD, are stainless steel support bands used for securing horizontal leg tanks for transportation use. They can also be used to maintain the tanks shape during stationary use. Two steel bands are required for 100% securement during transportation. Full-bottom support and the appropriate bands are required to validate the warranty and ensure that the tank retains its shape and integrity.
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Additional Information

Store ID X7588856
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # TC5674BD
Manufacturer Chem-Tainer
Number of Bands 1
Material Steel
Product Type Tank Band
Designed For TC5674LC , TC5674LA
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Hawaii
Shipping Zip Codes 96749

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