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Horizontal Drainable Leg Tanks

Drainable leg tanks are also referred to as full drain tanks, nurse wagon tanks, nurse trailer tanks, water trailer tanks, portable tanks, and transport tanks. These horizontal leg tanks are often used to store water, wine, chemicals, and fertilizer. They are commonly employed in the agricultural, industrial, liquid transportation, and liquid storage sectors for stationary and mobile applications. Vehicles known for transporting these tanks include trailers, trucks, nurse wagons, nurse trailers, water wagons, and water trailers.

Norwesco and Ace Roto-Mold / Den Hartog manufactures these drainable leg tanks by rotationally molding high-density virgin polyethylene resin. This production method produces seamless, water-tight plastic tanks. Because they are made from plastic, the tanks have a natural resistance to rust, corrosion, and impact. When empty, the tanks are lightweight and can be moved manually as needed. They have a long, useful lifespan and are virtually maintenance-free. The UV inhibitors added during production also make them resistant to sun degradation. Since they are capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, these plastic full drain leg tanks can be used indoors or outdoors all year round.

The poly leg tank’s design encourages complete content drainage by directing content flow from the end points toward the center drain. This is done by sloping the bottom portion of the tank down and in to meet in the middle, creating a v-shape. This design requires the tank to have external support to remain in position. Optional tie-down bands provide the requisite stability and support the tank needs.

Full drain tanks are offered in colors of white, black, or light blue. Black serves to minimize tank content sunlight exposure, which helps prevent algae growth within the tank. Transparent polyethylene tanks are available in white and light blue. All tanks are FDA approved to store potable water and food products.

Drainable leg tanks are available in a vast assortment of dimensions and storage capacities ranging from 710 gallons up to 3,210 gallons. All full drain tanks come with a lid and gallon indicators for convenient and easy liquid level viewing. Full drain tanks with a specific gravity of 1.5 come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Those with a specific gravity of 1.9 come with a 5 year warranty.

National Tank Outlet offers custom tank fabrication upon request. They will also install additional fittings or supply tie-down bands to the drainable leg tanks if desired. Manufacturers will install extra fittings or lids as needed.

Drainable Leg Tanks

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NameLengthWidthHeightS. GravityPart#DimensionsShips FromPrice
15 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank30"14"18"1.530" L x 14" W x 18" HFM0015-14SIA$ 63
25 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank34"16"22"1.534" L x 16" W x 22" HFM0025-16SIA$ 67
710 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank104"47"57"1.5104" L x 47" W x 57" H40655OH$ 866
925 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank81"62"68"1.581" L x 62" W x 68" HFM0925-DSIA$ 957
1010 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank140"47"58"1.5140" L x 47" W x 58" H40393CA, IA, MN, OH, OK$ 1,160
1010 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank130"49"60"1.5130" L x 49" W x 60" HFM1010-48IA$ 1,139
1065 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank105"56"63"1.5105" L x 56" W x 63" HFM1065-56SIA$ 1,104
1300 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank114"62"66"1.5114" L x 62" W x 66" HFM1300-DSIA$ 1,380
1310 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank99"66"75"1.599" L x 66" W x 75" H41871IA, MN, OH, OK$ 1,392
1315 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank126"66"60"1.5126" L x 66" W x 60" H42925MN$ 1,436
1610 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank140"69"63"1.5140" L x 69" W x 63" H40806MN, OH, OK$ 1,856
1610 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank139"78"63"1.5139" L x 78" W x 63" HFM1610-78SIA$ 1,989
1750 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank147"62"67"1.5147" L x 62" W x 67" HFM1750-62SIA$ 2,132
1800 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank149"64"74"1.5149" L x 64" W x 74" HFM1800-2SIA$ 1,860
1850 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank139"78"67"1.5139" L x 78" W x 67" HFM1850-78IA$ 2,073
2010 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank140"69"74"1.5140" L x 69" W x 74" H43651MN, OH$ 2,228
2350 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank146"88"63"1.5146" L x 88" W x 63" HFM2350-88SIA$ 3,026
2600 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank212"64"72"1.5212" L x 64" W x 72" HFM2600-2SIA$ 2,781
2610 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank140"90"79"1.5140" L x 90" W x 79" H41382MN, OH, OK$ 3,382
2750 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank146"88"70"1.5146" L x 88" W x 70" HFM2750-88SIA$ 3,671
3200 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank172"88"78"1.5172" L x 88" W x 78" HFM3200-2SIA$ 3,590
3210 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank178"92"75"1.5178" L x 92" W x 75" H40822MN, OH, OK$ 4,043
3250 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank146"88"79"1.5146" L x 88" W x 79" HFM3250-88SIA$ 3,854
3750 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank146"88"91"1.5146" L x 88" W x 91" HFM3750-88SIA$ 4,569
4250 Gallon Drainable Leg Tank146"88"101"1.5146" L x 88" W x 101" HFM4250-88SIA$ 5,120

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