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Fiberglass Water Tanks

Store Potable and Non-Potable Water Safely & Securely

From rainwater collection, fire suppression, wastewater, water storage, agriculture, food processing, chemical, oil, and gas, fiberglass tanks are ideal for storing a wide range of uses. Leak-free performance is critical for these applications and fiberglass tanks have a long history of providing watertight design solutions. Due to the lightweight nature of fiberglass, installation steps and costs are minimized which is important to consider for sites that are difficult to access. Many fiberglass tanks are also designed for dual-purpose use, with one common example of fire protection standby as well as potable water.

Benefits of Fiberglass

  • Proven endurance and reliability for storing and hauling liquids
  • Maintenance free surface
  • Vail lining prevents weeping, wicking, and corrosion control
  • Designed for dual-purpose
  • UV stabilized resin to prolong the life of your tank
  • Underground and above ground options available
  • Highly customizable and coated to your specifications
  • Reliable, durable, and cost-effective

Laminates and Water Standards

All fiberglass tanks are highly customizable to suit various industries and when it comes to water storage, our partners fabricate fiberglass tanks with universally accepted standards with contact molded laminates conforming to ASTM 4097 and filament wound laminates conforming to ASTM D3299.

All water tanks are built to AWWA/NSF 61 standards, and all potable water tanks include premium grade resin, a Nexus liner and are NSF 61 approvable. FDA and fire regardant resins are also available for special applications.

Water Storage Fiberglass Tanks


We offer a complete line of fiberglass underground and above ground water storage tanks for use in rainwater collection, storm water runoff, and storage systems for both potable and non-potable water. Potable water tanks are built to ASTM D3299 and AWWA Standards using NSF approved resins with UV inhibitors to ensure durability, and above ground tanks are coated to your specifications.

Rainwater Collection Fiberglass Tanks


Whether you are collecting rainwater for immediate use or storing it for a later time, collected water has many uses including indoor, outdoor, and storing for water emergencies. Underground and above ground rainwater tanks are available and custom-fitted for your rainwater collection needs. These high-quality tanks are built to ASTM 4097, ASTM D3299, and AWWA Standards, as well as are maintenance and corrosion free.

Fire Suppression Fiberglass Tanks


As concerns continue to grow about water shortages in many parts of the United States, municipalities and facility owners continue to search for ways to better manage their water resources. The versatility of fiberglass tanks make them ideal for commercial fire protection applications because they can be designed for dual-purpose use, with a common example being fire protection standby as well as potable water.

Underground Wastewater Fiberglass Tanks


Leak-free performance is essential when it comes to waste water storage. Built using only superior corrosion-resistant resin, fiberglass wastewater storage tanks will not degrade with infiltration and exfiltration, and is non-reactive to sewer gasses. With high tensile strength and flexibility with many customizable options and simple transport and installation, fiberglass tanks are an easy choice for wastewater storage.

Agriculture Fiberglass Tanks


As climate change begins to have a greater impact on our day to day lives, by conserving water in drought prone areas with irrigation tanks, you are able to store much needed water for times when mother nature does not provide. By storing rainwater you could potentially save your crop or valuable livestock. Oil steel silos are being replaced with new fiberglass tanks that are stronger by weight and much more suited for rural flat lands where the environment is more demanding.

Food Processing Fiberglass Tanks


Fiberglass tanks built to ASTM D3299 standards and designed spcifically for the application material of choice for high performance briners. Fiberglass briners continue to be the most utilized material of construction. We are capable of utilizing FDA food grade and NSF 61 approved resins and materials for any tank diameter and capacity.

Horizontal Fiberglass Tanks


The Horizontal tank ends are domed or dished to provide a better distribution of weight and added strength. The horizontal fiberglass tank can be mounted on carbon steel, concrete or polyurethane foam filled cradles are considered standard on fiberglass tanks. They are glassed to the tank.

Vertical Flat Bottom Fiberglass Tanks


Fiberglass tanks have a long history of use in applications where watertight design integrity is critical. Vertical flat bottom and vertical leg fiberglass tanks can be open tops or can be enclosed with dome, dished or conical top. Vertical leg fiberglass tanks can also be fitted with dome bottoms with a 30" clearance, as well as a cone bottom. Smaller tanks are built with angle iron legs while larger tanks have l-bean legs.

Multi-Piece Fiberglass Tanks


For industrial and commercial needs, fiberglass sectional tanks can be erected on location. Sectional tanks are manufactured at the plant and transported to the job site. All appurtenances are field installed by experienced field crews, who have over ten years of experience installing sectional fiberglass tanks.

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