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Norwesco/Handler Knife System

Norwesco/Handler Knife System
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Cuts, mixes, and rinses chemicals in less than 30 seconds
Reduces exposure to harmful chemicals
Rinses completely in less time than triple-rinsing
Chemicals are fully used and there is no waste
Tank not included



Norwesco/Handler Knife System, part# 30875 provides unparalleled efficiency, safety, accuracy, and savings. The Norwesco/Handler knife system opens, empties, and rinses pesticide containers in less than 30 seconds while filling your sprayer.

The Norwesco/Handler knife system can cut any unopened plastic chemical jug, reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. The chemicals are emptied and then fully rinsed from the bottom for safe disposal. Once the container is rinsed, there is no waste or residual chemical left. Industry tests show that without proper rinsing, an average of 2 ounces of chemical remains per container and is wasted.

The National Tank Outlet is here to help you with questions regarding this tank accessory's usability.

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Additional Information

Store ID X5344482
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # 30875
Manufacturer Handler/Norwesco
Physical Features
Weight (lbs) 46
Material 316 SS
Product Type Tank Accessory
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Alberta
Shipping Zip Codes T5V 1G4
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