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330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank

also called intermediate bulk container, ibc tank, ibc tote
330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank 330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank 330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank 330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank 330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank
330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank
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Quick Summary
Part# MPN: 6998701B97204 / Store ID: X3724558
Dimensions 48" Length x 40" Width x 58.75" Height
Liquid Access 1 Outlet , 1 Manway / Lid
Weight / Ship Class 220 lbs. / Ship Class 250
Ships From NE
Drawing Snyder 6998701B97204 Drawing
Complies with UN/DOT standards UN 31H2 / HM-181E
100% Polyethylene construction with 3x thicker container wall
Molded in gallon indicators
2" replaceable bung port available as option
Complies with FDA standards 21 CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2
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CageBuster Costs over 50% Less per Trip Over Time!

Estimated Life Expectancy 40+ Trips 4-6 Trips
Useful Life Cost per Trip $10.00 - $12.00 per trip
(Includes 30 month recertification Expense)
$23.34 - $40.00 per trip
(Excludes Any Replacement Bottle Expense)

*The above data is based on end user surveys, relating to IBC purchase cost and expected useful life. IBC life expectancy can vary depending on the application.

Estimated Useful Life Savings with CageBuster per Fleet Size

250 Units $130,900 $26,180
500 Units $261,800 $52,360
1,000 Units $523,600 $104,720
2,500 Units $1,309,000 $261,800
5,000 Units $2,618,000 $523,600
10,000 Units $5,236,000 $1,047,200

*The above calculations assume 8 trips/year and a 5 year Useful Life.

While the initial purchase cost of the Caged IBC is a little cheaper, the CageBuster pays for itself in only 2-3 trips, with no additional ongoing replacement, repair, and related freight expenses associated with the lightweight cage design. Besides a cost savings of over 50% for the life of the CageBuster compared to Caged IBCs, the CageBuster also provides a better performing, more rugged IBC design, which will provide your company with more peace of mind in addressing safety and environmental concerns.

Snyder 330 Gallon CageBuster IBC Tote Tank, part# 6998701B97204 is a white portable liquid storage tank. The revolutionary CageBuster IBC provides a more sustainable alternative to the traditional caged IBC by delivering an IBC solution that eliminates the need for wasteful replacement bottles and refurbished cages with a superior structural IBC design. The CageBuster IBC tank's 100% recyclable polyethylene construction is built to last much longer than a Caged IBC, and can consistently pass the 30 month certification test without needing a replacement bottle or cage, unlike Caged IBCs.

Snyder's CageBuster IBC tank wall thickness is almost 3 times thicker than a caged IBC, and it’s all plastic construction is easier to clean and won’t corrode, which offers shippers, container service companies, and end users a more viable reusable container that does not require the wasteful bottle disposal and cage refurbishment associated with the caged IBC.

The CageBuster IBC tank is UN 31H2 (IBC) certified for the transportation of packing group II and III hazardous materials. Valve and lid thread connections are compatible with many Caged IBC components, and a 2" replaceable bung port is available as an option. Snyder backs their CageBuster IBC Tote Tank with a 2 year manfuacturer warranty. This tank is available in 275 and 330 gallons.

The National Tank Outlet is ready to help fulfill your liquid storage needs. Contact our IBC tote tank experts with your questions or customization requirements.
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Additional Information

Store ID X3724558
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # 6998701B97204
Manufacturer Snyder
Manufacturer Brand CageBuster
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Technical Drawing Snyder 6998701B97204 Drawing
Brochure Snyder 6998701B97204 Product Specifications
Documents Snyder UN Marked Container Closure Notification
UN/DOT Closure Notification Please see IBC TOTE UN/DOT Closure Notification.
Size Info
Capacity (Gallons) 330
Dimensions 48" Length x 40" Width x 58.75" Height
Weight (lbs) 220
Liquid Accessibility
Liquid Access 1 Outlet , 1 Manway / Lid
Outlet / Drain 1 2" Ball Valve
Manway / Lid 1 5" Threaded Lid
Resin Features
Color Natural White
Material Polyethylene
FDA Approved Resin Yes (Food Grade, Potable)
UV Inhibitors Yes
Translucent Yes
Max Temp Allowed 105° F / 41° C
Physical Features
Product Type IBC Tote Tank
Specific Gravity 1.5
Tank Shape Rectangular
Tank Usability Portable
Environment Above Ground
Gallon Indicators Yes
Pressurized Use No
Stackable Yes
Forklift Channels Cross Directional 4-Way Pallet / Forklift Channels
ANSI / NSF 61 Approved Resin Yes
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Nebraska
Shipping Zip Codes 68504
Ship Freight Class 250

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