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4" Round Downpipe First Flush Advanced Water Diverter Kit

4" Round Downpipe First Flush Advanced Water Diverter Kit
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Low maintenance
Customizable Diverter Chamber pipe length
Diverts more contaminants, allowing greater control over water volume
Improves water quality, protects pumps and internal appliances
Prevents sediment and debris from entering the rainwater tank/cistern



Rain Harvesting Downpipe First Flush Advanced Water Diverter, part# WDDP120 diverts more contaminants and gives you greater control over water volume. The First Flush Diverters are installed using a T junction or high flow inlet to which the diversion chamber is fitted. As the chamber fills with the initial dirty water, a ball rises until it seals the inlet, allowing the rest of your rainwater, which is much cleaner, to flow directly to your tank.

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Additional Information

Store ID X7503642
Manufacturer Info
Product Part # WDDP120
Manufacturer Rain Harvesting
Installation Instructions Rain Harvesting WDDP120 Installation Instructions
Physical Features
Weight (lbs) 5
Color Natural White
Product Type Rainwater Diverter
Shipping Info
Shipping Locations Georgia
Shipping Zip Codes 30309
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